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Recommended Free Charting Software, paper trading?

So I've been trying out several charting software such as ninjatrader, thinkorswim, traderview, yahoo finance, TC2000.
Each has their benefits, but what's unfortunate is the delayed data. The delay is about 15 minutes. Also if you're papertrading on thinkorswim it doesn't execute orders based on the displayed 15 minute delayed data, instead it's based on real time data. It's difficult to take a position without defaulting to market price which is very different from what you think it is.
What's also weird is how the price on robinhood is closer to realtime than the various charting software I'm using.I trade on robinhood btw.
My question is there free charting that has better live data service?Are they all behind a pay wall? If so what do you recommend?Is live data service not available on stocks?(ex: thinkorswim has live data for futures/forex, but not stocks. Is that because I don't have any real money in it?)
Update: Thinkorswim you just need to enable live data by going into your account settings on the website and sign up for real Time Nasdaq level II quotes"
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Technical Traders or those wanting to learn more about it. Share your technical setups here.

Hi all. Being new on Reddit I see beginning traders asking many questions that I did before I began trading, as I'm sure we all asked. I just wanted to share my technical setups and would love others to share as well. As any full time trader could tell you, if you don't have set rules to trade by, and emotionally trade you will lose. What I'm going to share doesn't account for sticking to my personal rules of trading, and this is something you can only learn with practice. It goes without saying, but never just jump right into any strategy without practicing first. Most trading softwares should have a live realtime practice version.
Onto the technicals:
I only trade using BollingerBands, SMA (Simple Moving Average) and Pivot Points. I'm using TDAmeritrade Think or Swim, but any trading software will have these technicals. You can also use these settings for short term day trading (I like 5 and 10 min time frames) daily, weekly, monthly trading, etc. Without outlining my settings in text I have uploaded all images of my settings for BollingerBands, Pivots, and SMA to an imgur album here []. I've also added images of this strategy working on different time frames, with stocks, futures, and forex because we all trade different items. Even 2 from today trading Platinum and Silver...Silver was good today!!
The Strategy I Use:
1st - Only buy when price action is above the pivot point (midline/pink line) on the charts I've uploaded, for those that don't know what pivot points are. Conversely, only sell when price action is below the pivot point.
2nd - Buy when price action is above the pivot, the SMA crosses above the BollingerBand midline, and price closes above the midline as well.
3rd - Sell when price action is below the pivot, the SMA crosses below the BollingerBand midline, and price closes below the midline as well.
When to cover or sell for profit?
You want to let your runners run and dump the losers asap, but how? When day trading I personally use the pivot points as target price goals. If I buy just over the pivot point, I'll let price run to R1 (first red line) or try to let it, then watch price action. If price moves and closes above R1, I may hold until R2 and so on. I also watch price as it pertains to the BollingerBands, if price breaks outside the BollingerBand I'll watch closely and may sell depending on the next candle. This is where your personal rules come in. If you get hung up by how much money you NEED to make it could be bad. Be more concerned with watching price action, candles, etc. You'll never hit the total price move.
It goes without saying, but when you are shorting just do the opposite of the above.
Also, people like even numbers, maybe even machines do. If a stock is at $24.35 and moving up, human psychology may tend to let this run up to $25. Not a given, just something to think about.
My longer term daily, weekly, monthly, snapshot images of stocks, futures, forex doesn't show the pivots, but you can just change the pivot point "day setting" to weekly, etc to see them.
Lastly, get out of the trade on the buy side when the SMA and price closes below the BB midline, and on the short side when the SMA and price closes above the BB midline. Don't be eager to just jump right into the next trade. Stick to your own rules and be patient for the right setups. I hope this has helped any new trader save time and narrow your focus. Good luck and I look forward to everyone's feedback and personal technical strategies.
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FinTech Buddy - A Google Assistant App

With the advent of Fintech products, there is one more addition that helps users of smart speakers such as Google Home and Android /iOS devices alike that can run Google Assistant App.
FinTech Buddy ( ) helps get the realtime market quotes for stocks, forex or crypto. Also provides twitter sentiment from the investors as a chart - all with a voice command. Worth checking out at (
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paid news service?

I just searched news in Forex but I did not find anything. As I am trading and I see a dip I want to be sure that it is just a retracement and not some bad news that will cause an extended drop before I trade. I do wait and watch the price action and chart and most of the time I am correct, but sometimes I second guess myself and miss out on the entry while it shoots back up. I could always use stop loss but I prefer not to take those hits if I can avoid them. Is there a realtime news service I can use that would be better than the news I get from fxcm?
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Live Gold Stock Chart?

Hi! Where can I find realtime gold stock charts? I usually use but I just can't find commodities such as gold or silver on there?!
edit: found exactly what i was looking for: Chartstaion
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Ein professioneller interaktiver Forex-Chart, der die Bewegung tausender Währungspaare in den globalen Devisenmärkten darstellt. Kostenlose Trading-Charts für den Devisenmarkt, die wichtigsten Rohstoffe und Indizes. Unsere Charts sind interaktiv und enthalten technische Indikatoren. Realtime Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Price Charts and Quotes for Futures, Commodities, Stocks, Equities, Foreign Exchange - Markets Forex Charts in Realtime Diese Seite bietet eine umfassende Auswahl Echtzeit Forex-Charts, die die Bewegungen tausender Währungspaare des globalen Forex Marktes verfolgen. Hier finden Sie Live Forex Kurse sowie Kurse für Rohstoffe, Indizes und Kryptowährungen. Nutzen Sie unsere Live Kurse, um schnelle Kursveränderungen zu erkennen. Advanced live charts for forex trading are free and easy-to-use at ForexLive. These real-time charting packages let you apply technical analysis to hundreds of FX pairs. Our four-chart display can be used in two different ways: Multi-asset: Show up to 4 different assets among 1000 currencies, commodities and indices so you can analyze and compare how they relate ...

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PRO REALTIME Charts on a Mac - FREE

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